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2015 TWU Local 541 Officer Election

2015 TWU Local 541 Officer Election

Official Results

Ballot ending: 05/12/2015 14:00:00 (Central)

The ballots were cast and tallied as follows.

President (select one only) Total Percent
1   Gregory Cassady 123 84.83
2   Curtis Gentry 22 15.17
    Total 145  
Vice President – Simulator Technician (select one only) Total Percent
1   George Cusic 37 71.15
2   Dora Ruth 15 28.85
    Total 52  
Board Member at Large – Simulator Technician (select one only) Total Percent
1   Jeffery Schmidling 35 68.63
2   Jerry Rodriguez 11 21.57
3   Melvin Higgins 5 9.80
    Total 51  
Vice President – Ground School and Pilot Simulator Instructor (select one only) Total Percent
1   Christopher Turner 63 67.02
2   Charlotte Albrecht 31 32.98
    Total 94  
Board Member at Large – Ground School and Pilot Simulator Instructor (select one only) Total Percent
1   Aaron Russell 71 78.89
2   Andrew Neill 19 21.11
    Total 90  

  • There were 272 eligible voters, of which 149 cast a ballot, representing 54.8% of the eligible voters.
  • Of the 149 ballots cast, 46 (30.9%) were by phone, and 103 (69.1%) were by web.
  • There were 0 ballots cast in which the voter did not make a selection.

These Official Results witnessed and certified by Michael J. Baum, BallotPoint Election Services; Jeffrey L. Bachofner, BallotPoint Election Services; and Gerald B. Feldkamp, BallotPoint Election Services.


You will have about 15 minutes to cast your vote once you have logged in to the BallotPoint system. To help you cast your vote successfully, you can prepare your selections before logging in by reviewing the Voting Guide.

1. To vote by phone: Call 1.800.505.1439 toll‑free within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Outside these toll‑free areas call 1.971.404.2365. Enter the Access Code shown above when prompted.

To vote by Internet: Go to: – be sure to type the s in https. Click the CLICK TO LOG IN button, which takes you to the BallotPoint MRNS (Member Registration and Notification Server). Enter the Access Code shown above and click Log In.

2. Follow the directions to cast your vote. Done!

Local Officer Elections

Local Officer Elections are now underway. Click below for a complete set of election rules and the Officer Nomination form.  The rules outline the date’s nominations open and close, as well as the process for nominating someone for an Officer Position. Within the rules you will find how to return nomination forms, when nominations open and close, when the election opens and closes and what you are to do if you do not receive balloting instructions. You will be getting further information in the mail to your last home address that the Local has for you. New Officers will be installed in May.

To download the Election Rules for Local 541 Click Here
To download the Nomination Form for Local 541 Click Here

Gary Shults

Dear Local 541 Members:

Dear Local 541 Members:

Earlier today (Friday, July 25, 2014), the International Executive Council upon recommendation of the International Administrative Committee voted unanimously to place your Local into a temporary trusteeship and to suspend all Local 541 and Local 542 officers while we conduct a full investigation of serious wrongdoing, and violations of the International Constitution, federal law and their oath of office.

As such, I have appointed International Vice President Gary Shults to administer all affairs of Local 541 and 542 until further notice.

Additionally, the International Administrative Committee will immediately impanel a three-person subcommittee of the International Executive Council to hold timely hearings to evaluate the conduct of Local 542 officers and to determine whether the allegations against them warrant further action.

The suspended officers will have ample opportunity to explain their actions, call witnesses, and otherwise defend themselves against these allegations.

While regrettable, this action was necessary to preserve the assets of the Local, ensure proper member representation and protect the integrity not only of Locals 541 and 542, but of our entire organization and all its affiliates. I believe the unanimity of the International Executive Council in taking this decisive step reflects the gravity of this situation.

Please be advised that actions taken today (July 25, 2014) were a result of violations of Article XVIII, Section 3, and Article V, Sections 4 to 6 of the International Constitution. A copy of the International Constitution can be found on the TWU website ( under the drop-down menu Members, subsection Resources.

The International will continue to keep you apprised of this situation. We ask that no unfair or uninformed judgments be made until the investigation takes place and a decision is rendered by the Subcommittee. In the meantime, feel confident that International Vice President and Administrator Gary Shults will protect your rights as a member of the TWU and the valuable assets of your Locals.


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